‘Ram Setu side covered with sand, drilling operation next year’


The National Institute of Oceanography will conduct a drilling operation at the site of the Ram Setu in the seas off Rameshwaram island for collection of samples to study the phenomenon, the Central government institute’s Director Prof. Sunil Kumar Singh said on Wednesday.

Speaking to reporters near Panaji, Singh also said that the sea level rise and accumulation of sand has covered the site of the Setu.

“Since then sea level has increased and covered a majority of the portion. Lot of sand has covered everything. So what we are going to do is undertake a drilling project in the area, collect the sample and then once the samples we get from the areas, more results can come and we will be able to tell something about the Ram Setu,” Singh said.

The director of the Goa-based NIO, which functions under the aegis of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, also said that the agency, which along with the Archaeological Survey of India, has been tasked with conducting scientific exploration and research on the Setu, will be able to make headway on the project over the next two years.

“We have conducted two field trips (so far). We have done geo-physical surveys already. With the geophysical survey, we have tried to locate the location where it could be, because right now everywhere sand is there, it is submerged with sand. Sea level keeps on increasing. Sea level earlier was down,” Singh also said.



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