Ramanitu Chaudhary throws light on her character in ‘Kaamnaa’


Ramanitu Chaudhary, who predominantly works in Kannada cinema, has been roped in to play a pivotal character in the daily show ‘Kaamnaa’. She is seen playing the character of Sakshi, a counsellor at a school.

Talking about her character Ramnitu says: “I feel blessed to have got the opportunity to be a part of the show that mirrors the reality of life while shedding light on the middle-class dichotomy where millions of dreams are confined in the contrast of social hierarchy. When I was told about the track led story and my character, I was really moved by it and had tears in my eyes.”

‘Kaamnaa’ is all about the clash between principles and desires through the journey of a middle class couple, Manav, played by Abhishek Rawat and Akanksha, essayed by actress Chandni Sharma. In the previous episodes it was seen how Akansha left Manav and her son Yatharth (played by Tanmay Rishi Shah) as she was not happy with middle class life.

“While it was heart-breaking but beautiful at the same time looking at the beautiful bond that will eventually build between the son and the father. Kudos to Abhishek Rawat and Tanmay for pulling off their characters so beautifully. Hope I can do justice to it,” shares Ramanitu, who made her acting debut in Prem Kumar’s Kannada movie ‘Pallakki’ and also featured in ‘Payana’.

In the on-going track, Yatharth and Manav are trying to cope with this difficult situation. Yatharth is having a tough time at school, Sakshi (Ramanitu Chaudhary), a counsellor at his school, helps him to get rid of his emotional turmoil.

The actress adds more about her role in the show, saying: “My character Sakshi is going to add a fresh breath of air to the storyline. She is a very simple and docile woman who believes in helping people. When she happens to see Yatharth’s state, her heart melts and she immediately reaches out to help him overcome his problems at school. She too has a backstory and that will unfold as the story moves forward. I am looking forward to this journey, and hope the viewers will also like it.”

‘Kaamnaa’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.



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