Rana Daggubati: Time and again films have broken barriers

Actor Rana Daggubati feels that films from South industry have always been pan-India but the globally renowned film “Baahubali” showed the way to make business the right way in a pan-India arrangement.

Rana played the role of antagonist Bhallaladeva in the two-part film franchise.

Talking to IANS, about the culture of Pan India films spreading and how “Baahubali” started it, the actor reflects on other films in the past, which have also had a huge reach nationally.

“I was an audience before an actor and to me whether I was watching a Hindi film or a Telugu film the sentiment was the same. I live in Hyderabad and for me be it (Amitabh) Bachchan sir’s film or a Kamal Haasan film, the vibes were the same. Time and again there were films which broke the barriers.

Like Mani (Ratnam) sir’s film ‘Roza’, that was originally a Tamil film. Nobody in the Hindi belt had a problem with that. They loved it as much as the South Indians loved it. Audience neverA has a problem (with language),” says the actor, who recently released his film “Aranya” in Telugu and “Kadaan” in Tamil.

The Hindi version of the same film is titled “Haathi Mere Saathi” but it had to be postponed due to the rising Covid cases in Maharashtra.

Rana goes on to add: “The only thing that changed with Baahubali is that we learnt how to get the business together and how do we actually come forth and release it. For a fact, this year they have been selling dubbed rights of all Telugu films, people on television are watching it and other languages. They were working on different spaces, they are now also watching it on OTT but now that is changing.”