Seerat Kapoor, who plays one of the leads in the Netflix film “Krishna and his Leela” is on cloud 9. The actress has been praised by fans and critics, alike for her performance in the film.

Speaking about casting Seerat for the role, director Ravikant revealed that Rana Daggubati was the first one who believed that she is perfect for Ruksar’s character. He said, “Rana Daggubati was the first one to believe Seerat Kapoor will fit the part for Ruksar. Siddu took her audition and I remember him calling me all excited. She styled herself and even changed her body language when she came in. She walked on her toes, swinging her hands like she’s free.”

He added, “We were convinced that she is Ruksaar. Though she had limited screen space, she agreed to do the film only because she believed in the story and Ruksar. She’s fun, sweet, honest and very sincere when it comes to work. She makes sure she gets the lines right in Telugu and also thinks of how to express that line without coming across like an outsider to our audience.”

On a work front, Seerat Kapoor is waiting for her next release. “Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma”.


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