Ranbir and Shraddha’s movie set invaded by Film crew workers protesting non-payment


Director Luv Ranjan’s yet to be titled, rom-com movie starring Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor is one movie that’s been highly anticipated among fans.

This will be Shraddha’s and Ranbir’s first movie together and they started the shoot in 2021.

According to reports, the movie only has two shoot schedules left – first one in Delhi and Mumbai and the last and final schedule in Spain.

However, during the Mumbai shoot schedule, an unpleasant scene broke out on the sets of the movie at the Royal Palms, located at Goregaon. According to a report in ‘ETimes’, film crew workers (who had worked on the sets of this movie for a song last year) broke into the sets yesterday in protest over non-payment.

The people who came on the set claimed that over 350 workers who worked on the song had not been paid and the amount totals to around Rs. 1 crore and 22 lakhs. The agitated workers who were protesting did not leave until the producers on the set called Mumbai Police so that protestors could be taken away.

The disruption caused shooting to be paused and even though the protestors were not violent, they did cause a lot of noise and chaos on the set making it impossible to continue shooting.

It was reported that the workers union immediately went to the police station and the protesting workers were released from custody.

Luv Ranjan’s production company Luv Films had previously addressed this issue and sent a letter to FWICE in response to the complaint raised by the Film Studio & Allied Mazdoor Union. In the letter the production house stated that they were not responsible for non-payment, as they had already made the payments from their end to Production Designer, Dipankar Das Gupta.

The plot thickened when the publication spoke to Gupta, who said, “If I was at fault, would I have been still shooting with Luv? In fact, as we speak, I am on the same Ranbir-Shraddha set.” He said that the real people responsible for this fracas were Jaishankar and Gautam of Hyperlink.

He explained further saying, “You see, I had outsourced the project to a company called Hyperlink, from where two men, Jai Shankar and Gautam made an agreement with me. Much later, we came to know that those two had further outsourced it to a certain Prashant Vichare. Now, I have worked with Jaishankar and Gautam on many projects. They had even met Luv after coming on board. How would I dream that they will go on to outsource it further to someone else (Prashant Vichare)? And mind you, they hadn’t kept us in the loop. In fact, later I was told that they had gone over-budget by over Rs. 1 crore. Is it possible that anybody would go over-budget by a crore and not bring it to the notice of the people who are above him in that project? And by the way, no such kind of work was done that would require them to spend so much more than the budget given. My bank accounts are open to reveal that there has been no hotchpotch from my side.”

While everyone is busy playing blame games, the workers remain unpaid. It seems like they thought this was the only way to get the producers to pay attention and pay their dues.


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