Rangers’ fans blamed for vandalism, sectarian singing


Fans of Scotland’s Premiership winners Rangers have been blamed for “vandalism” and “sectarian” singing following their club’s title win last week.

Scottish Football Association president Rod Petrie issued a statement, congratulating the Glasgow team on their win but lashed out at fans’ actions after footage emerged of violence on the streets after the team’s final game against Aberdeen on Saturday.

“Scenes that require the First Minister, Justice Secretary, Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Federation to issue condemnatory statements, and images that dominated the news agenda throughout the weekend, represent an abomination not a celebration,” he was quoted as saying by DPA on Monday.

“Those responsible for sectarian singing, for vandalism and for inflicting physical damage may attach themselves to football but cannot be considered football fans. Police Scotland have made a number of arrests and more are expected to follow.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish Professional Football League meanwhile said the behaviour was “utterly shameful” while First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she was “utterly disgusted”.

Scottish police also confirmed it was investigating a video, shared on social media over the weekend, apparently showing Rangers players using sectarian language while celebrating.