Rani Mukerji: Fans helped me survive prejudices a married actress with baby faces


Actress Rani Mukerji is grateful to her fans for not writing her off after she got married and had a baby, helping her evade the general perception that careers of married actresses slow down.

“Without my fans, I would not have been able to survive, especially with the kind of prejudices a married actress with a baby has to go through. The fact that they have supported me throughout is nothing short of a miracle and that’s why I’m still working and doing relevant work,” she claims.

The actress completes 25 years in the film industry this year.

“When I think of the number of years, it seems like a very long time but honestly for me it just seems like my journey has never stopped. It’s just gone on and on since the day I was 16 and I started working. Now, 25 years feels the same because the struggle is yet on, and the learning is still on as an actor. There is a lot that I have to accomplish, there is a lot that I have to learn,” she says.

She adds that she has discovered herself and her craft over the years.

“For an actor, learning never stops and the more experience I have with different directors, different technicians, different co-stars, I get to learn a lot. It still feels nice and I am raring to go because with each film, I kind of discover a new me and I love telling stories — important stories, powerful women stories,” she says.

The actress will next be seen in “Bunty Aur Babli 2” and “Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway”.