Ranveer Singh clicked with supermodel Bella Hadid at Premier League Football

Last week it was reported that Ranveer Singh has been invited to watch the Premier League Football in London.

Actor and offbeat fashion diva, Ranveer Singh has been chosen as the face of Premier League Football for India as a way to promote the sport globally.

Yesterday an Instagram fan page of Ranveer Singh, posted a picture of him at the game, but the picture went viral within a very short period of time, because of the people Ranveer Singh was with in the picture.

He was clicked with supermodel Bella Hadid and popular YouTuber Chunkz.

While Chunkz and Bella kept it casual in T-shirt and hoodies, Ranveer was sporting a hat, grey jacket, a striped vest and a grey turtleneck. He looked stylishly decked in formals with sunglasses to boot. The 3 of them looked comfortable and seemed to be having fun.

Social media though was lit up with comments with one person saying, “Sometimes it feels like Ranveer lives in some alternate universe. First MGK and Megan Fox, then Bella Hadid. That too at the Arsenal game. Strange crossover. Noice. Hope Ranveer enjoyed the 3 points as much as I did.”

Another person posted a comment saying that he has heard that Chunkz is a Bollywood fan and it looks like from here on him and Ranveer Singh are probably besties, while yet another person posted on their handle that they “Never expected this collision of worlds.”

Some eagle eyed social media followers of Ranveer also spotted the fact that Bella Hadid and YouTuber Chunkz have now started following Ranveer Singh on Instagram.

It looks like Ranveer Singh is living the dream – getting paid to watch Premier football games, catching up with influencers and supermodels and simply living it up!



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