Ranveer Singh Mallik: “I was rejected the first time I came to act in Mumbai”

Actor Ranveer Singh Mallik is known for playing Rahul in the TV show, ‘Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan’. The television actor shares that he did not have it easy when he started out with his acting career.

As reported by TOI, Mallik said that it was with his patience and determination that he has managed to come as far as he has in his acting career.

Speaking about it, he said, “I am a medical graduate and I was pursuing my Masters in Toronto in 2015. I left my studies in between and came to Mumbai to pursue my dream of acting in 2017, which in fact was a big step as I had to leave my scholarship too. But my dream of becoming an actor didn’t get fulfilled at that time, so I went back to Toronto and completed my semester. Some time later, I returned to India to try my luck.”

He shared an incident from his early attempts to make it into the acting field and said, “I struggled a lot and faced many rejections initially. I still remember when I came back from Canada, I went to my hometown Chandigarh and I sent photos to all the big production houses in Mumbai.”

Mallik further shared, “Fortunately, I got a call from a production house and they asked me to come as soon as possible to audition for the main lead. I got excited and packed my bags and came to Mumbai. When I went to the production house for the audition, I was expecting that they would treat me well as I had been shortlisted for a lead audition. When I went there, I waited for 2-3 hours and nobody came to me. Being a complete fresher, I got a little anxious as I didn’t know what was happening and asked the people there when I would get a chance to audition.”

Mallik added that it was at this point that the casting director came out. He said, “Suddenly, the casting director came and he just got very irritated. He shouted at me and asked me if I was there for an audition. I said yes and he snatched the script from me in front of 50 people and told me to perform. Being a newcomer, knowing nothing about the script and character and without any rehearsal, I got nervous and couldn’t perform. He told me to go back and work on my skills and then come there. I was devastated at that point as all my dreams were shattered.”

Mallik shares that he pulled out of that dark phase with the help of his family and worked on himself over the next 3 months and after that he received a call from the same production house. Recalling this, he said, “The same casting director this time chose me for an important role in a show. So, what I have learnt from this is that I have to work hard on myself and keep improving each day.”

Ranveer Singh Mallik is quick to point out that struggle is unavoidable. He signs off by saying, “A newcomer in Mumbai has to deal with tons of problems. Firstly, one doesn’t know where to go, who to meet and what to wear for an audition. One has to also manage the finances as Mumbai is an expensive city to live in. But, at the end of the, what matters most is your passion.”



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