Ranveer Singh on ‘Ranveer vs. Wild: “My experiences are flat as an actor”


A new trailer for Ranveer Singh’s debut OTT series, ‘Ranveer vs. Wild’ has dropped and it shows the Bollywood actor having to deal with some tough choices.

Should he take up a mountain line through an insane drop to come down from higher ground or should he try rappelling down from a craggy cliff.

What should he do if he ends up coming face to face with bears – play dead perhaps? At the launch on Friday, Ranveer said that he was looking to explore various experiences and how he had discussed taking this adventure up with his wife, actor Deepika Padukone.

Speaking about it at the launch, Ranveer said, “Netflix gave good money so I was like let’s do it. I felt my life has become the same. It is a bit of a flatline. I have worked for 12 years and I have survived. You keep doing movies, you attain success and you have AC in your house and car. You are shooting in an AC studio with a five-star director and then go back to sleep. You need to have new experiences. I was discussing with my baby (Deepika Padukone) that my experiences are flat. As an actor, you need to have different experiences so that you can improve. I was feeling I am getting into a comfort zone. When this offer came, I just grabbed it with both hands.”

Speaking about the interactive aspect of the show, Ranveer added, “Tumhari bhabhi (Deepika Padukone) ke chakkar mein I attended an intellectual summit where they told that entertainment people will have to up their game as now entertainment has to engage the audience. It has to be interactive, and I think this is the future of entertainment.”

On this show, Ranveer is joined by the ‘Man vs. Wild’ legend Bear Grylls and Ranveer spoke about what it was like to work with him. Ranveer said, “You should always be daring. Sometimes fear can stop you, limit you. It can stop you from taking the next step, from growing and evolving. Don’t let fear have that control over you. It will stop you. One has to keep moving forward. You have to take that leap of faith.”

‘Ranveer vs. Wild’ is all set to stream on Netflix July 8, 2022, onwards.


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