Ranveer Singh specially invited for Football Premier League; jets off to UK


Superstar and quirky fashion icon Ranveer Singh has set off for UK to watch premiere football league games.

It’s not a vacation or passion for the game, although Ranveer is an ardent sports fan. This time he is attending the games because he has been specially invited as the ‘Face of the Premiere League of UK’. Over the next 7 days, Ranveer will be watching some high intensity games between some of the top English teams – Arsenal, Manchester United, Leicester City, Crystal Palace and Tottenham Hotspur.

He will also be meeting football legends and visiting the hallowed football stadiums of the famed English football teams. He is lending his presence because of his stature as a global icon and keeping that in mind a comprehensive tour plan has been worked out for him.

Previously Ranveer was also invited to play in the ‘NBA Celebrity All Stars’ match. Because of his immense popularity and vibrant personality, sporting associations are reaching out to him so they can bring about global awareness and popularity for their sport.

Brand Ranveer is much sought after as they believe he can be a powerful influencer for the youth.

Confirming the news of his UK Football tour, Ranveer said, “It’s going to be really exciting! I know it. I’m all pumped up! I’m heading there to watch some of the biggest matches – Manchester United vs. Totten ham Hotspur, Arsenal vs. Leicester City, Crystal Palace vs. Manchester City. I cannot wait to be there.”


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