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Rapper Badal’s ‘This Is Haryana’ is all about staying true to one’s roots

Singer-rapper Badal’s new track ‘This Is Haryana’ blends modern sound elements with desi vibe as it appeals to the audience to stay true to their roots in the global world. The track celebrates the north Indian state and its culture.

The track boasts of gangster hip-hop genre and strongly reminds of the GTA Vice City theme track even its title key art has the font similar to GTA.

Performed, penned and composed by Badal, with music by Yeah Proof, the song’s lyrics capture the diverse essence of Haryana, and its beats lend a perfect groove to its tune. The track encapsulates the essence of the state, combining the traditional and the modern in a way that resonates with the people.

The video is shot in Badal’s hometown of Safido, and shows different landmark locations and elements that represent the state, such as vibrant markets, lush fields and the energetic hip-hop moves.
The track melodiously blends an old school world with a modern twist.

Talking about the tune, Badal said: “‘This is Haryana’ is very close to my heart as it’s a tribute to my homeland. It has an unabashedly desi heart tune mixed with my signature style. While the song’s core may be local, its appeal is universal. This is a hip-hop anthem that talks about staying true to our roots, an idea that resonates with people no matter what their geography. I look forward to listeners enjoying my latest creation.”

The music video of the track has been directed by Deepesh Goyal.

The track has been released under the label of TM Music.



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