Rare eye surgery performed on 4-yr-old in UP hospital

A first of its kind paediatric endoscopic DCR surgery was performed in the oculoplastic camp on a four-year-old patient at an eye hospital in Prayagraj.

The surgery was performed by eye surgeon, cataract and retina specialist Dr Ashish Mitra and Dr Anuradha Iyer, an eye surgeon from Mumbai.

The team of these two surgeons performed the paediatric endoscopic DCR surgery, which was the cause of constant discharge and watering of the eye of the patient for a long time.

“The watering of the eye is a common symptom among newborn babies. Patients with recurrence of the symptoms are advised probing and syringing, but the percentage requiring surgery is very less,” said Dr Mitra.

This child was advised for probing and syringing but a false passage was encountered during the procedure, therefore the decision to perform the endoscopic DCR surgery was taken and the tract was successfully created, he added.

Dr Mitra suggested that watering of the eye in newly born babies is common and it can be relieved by sac massage but if the symptoms persist or reoccur, an opinion from the eye specialist should be sought.




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