Rashmika Mandanna sends her love, power to fans going through tough times

Actress Rashmika Mandanna, who has made a name for herself in both the Tamil and Telugu film industries, has sought to send out some positivity to those who going through a tough time.

The actress, whose recent Telugu film ‘Pushpa’ has gone on to emerge a superhit, took to Instagram to send out some positive vibes.

She said, “The world’s a much better place with you in it! By you, I mean all of you. You all make me so happy and each one of you is so important.

“So, if any of you are finding today difficult painful or unbearable, I know how you feel. And so, know that here’s me sending you my love and power to get through today.

“One step at a time right. You’ll be fine and keep telling yourself that. This too shall pass. I love you!.”




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