Ravi Bhatia: Fitness isn’t just about flaunting abs, it lets you donate blood

A big reason actor Ravi Bhatia enjoys his fitness is that it lets him donate blood.

“There is need for voluntary blood donation for the needy ones. Blood banks are specially established to collect the blood donated by people. I enjoy staying fit not just to flaunt my abs but also to be eligible to donate blood. The blood we donate can be a gift of a new life,” he tells IANS.

The actor urges everyone to donate blood once to twice in a year.

“It is important to celebrate and create awareness about donating blood, to recognise the contribution of voluntary unpaid blood donors in saving lives. It is an act of solidarity and is required all over the world. It emphasises on the importance of blood donation. Moreover, it is also a global call for people to come forward and donate blood at least two to three times in a year,” says the actor, currently seen in “Shukla The Tiger”. He will soon appear in the upcoming series “Margaon: The Closed File”.