Ravii Dubey reveals most challenging part of ‘Matsya Kaand’ and it’s not the prosthetics

Actor Ravii Dubey was recently seen as Matsya Thada in his web series ‘Matsya Kaand’. Using prosthetics, the actor portrayed not just one character, but 11 different characters on the show. But that wasn’t the real challenge for him.

He said: “During this one phase of the show, I had to lose around 10 to 12 kgs, and all I had in my hand was around 20-25 days. That’s a process I don’t recommend to anyone, but I had to do it to come to the younger look of Matsya Thada. So, I did it. I recommend everybody to go to a doctor, follow their advice at all times, and only then take up a diet and be realistic about the time you will take to lose weight. Never do it on such a short notice.”

‘Matsya Kaand’ has garnered over 100 million views on MX Player and the actor feels that it’s the OTT revolution that helped the show get a much wider audience.

“I think OTT has resulted in a certain democratisation of content in the Indian entertainment industry, and I am deeply grateful that this OTT ‘revolution’ happened now. Many actors, many technicians who otherwise would not get the opportunity to showcase themselves are getting the opportunity to display their skillset,” he said.

“I’m grateful that the show prior to this and ‘Matsya Kaand’ have been received so well. Especially for ‘Matsya Kaand’ because all of us collectively have put everything into it. We literally went all guns blazing. So it’s really gratifying that the audience has loved the show,” Ravii added.




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