New Delhi, April 13 (IANSlife) With roots in craft and community, Raw Mango continues to create new conversations in textile, culture and politics through its range of saris, garments and now objects.

To commemorate a decade, the brand launched a limited edition of collectible objects titled ‘RM 10 Objects.’ This is a reflection of India’s cultural repertoire and its crafts, which in turn traces the design evolution of Raw Mango.

Out of the 10 objects designed by Sanjay Garg, he had decided to share his favourite sounds of music with ‘Ghar’.

Raw Mango believes that sound plays an instrumental note in one’s life as it often evokes memories and moments of joy, and lets you dream.

Sanjay has reimagined the sounds which call out to home, our ‘Ghar’ as we know it, with a hope which fill you with nostalgia, hope, gratitude and love.

‘Ghar’ is a creation of collaborative efforts by Sanjay Garg and celebrated musician Suryakant Sawhney (Lifafa). Seven tracks make for Raw Mango’s re-imagination of the Gharana style of music. This eclectic mix of melodies is a blend of inspiration which balances the present and imagines a peaceful and safe tomorrow.




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