Ready for harsh summer, farmers put up tents at Ghazipur

More than 90 days have passed since farmers began their agitation on the borders of the national Capital. With every passing day, the nature of the problems they face also changes.

Having weathered the vagaries of Delhi’s chilling cold, farmers are now facing the harsh sun during the day. So, on Thursday, to fight the harsh sun, the farmers erected a tent in front of the main stage at Ghazipur border.

One of the farm leaders told IANS: “Actually many media reports claimed that farmers had deserted the protest site. But the facts are otherwise. Owing to the harsh sun, the activists were retreating into the shade. Now that the stage is shielded from the sun, the number of activists in front of the stage is again swelling.”

Apart from a tent, the farmers at the border are also equipping themselves with coolers and fans in the tents so that those participating in the agitation are not inconvenienced.

Thousands of farmers from across the country have been camping at the national Capital’s borders against the three farm laws, since November 26 last year. Eleven rounds of talks between farmers and the government so far have not made any headway.