In the light of the recent announcement made by the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, declaring a state of emergency due to rising cases of COVID-19 and the shutdown of Ontario for about 14 days.
We are all living in unprecedented times. Due to Covid-19 developments around the country and the world, it may seem that life like we know it is coming to a standstill. But that could be farther from the truth. Technology has aided us all for the longest time, but nothing compares to how it is sustaining us now.
We want you to know that our offices are fully digitized and operational for any of your real estate law needs. You don’t need to postpone the closing of your new home after months of planning and deliberation. We have established best practices for conducting all aspects of real estate transactions electronically, thereby dispensing the need for our clients anywhere in Ontario to come to our offices in times like these.
We have automated our systems and we shall coordinate with the clients over the phone, email, video conferencing and shall correspond the client signing digitally. Our lawyers would explain in detail, contents of the documents to be signed in real time, through the day, morning or evening, at the convinience of our clients, anywhere in Ontario.
At Thapliyal & Rai- A Professional Law Corporation , we ensure that the legal aspects of your real estate transaction are handled professionally, reliably and cost-effectively from the time of your offer to the date of your closing. Whether you are purchasing, selling or refinancing your home, Real estate lawyers will work diligently to ensure that your legal interests are always fully protected.
Contact our real estate law firm by email – [email protected] or telephone – (905) 463-2088 for a consultation to discuss your needs and requirements. You can also find us at


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