Real Madrid ask for answers following Champions League final chaos

Real Madrid have joined Liverpool in demanding an explanation into the horrific events outside the Stade de France stadium before the Champions League final match in Paris on May 28.

The match was delayed by 36 minutes as thousands of supporters waited outside the stadium as gates were locked and fans were trying to get in before police dispersed them with tear gas.

UEFA initially blamed the late arrival of fans for the delayed kickoff, which was quickly shot down by supporters before further comments from French chiefs invoked fury.

“Football has transmitted an image to the world which is far away from the values and goals which it should pursue,” said a Real Madrid statement.

“Given the unfortunate events that took place on May 28 in the vicinity and entrances to the Stade de France, including inside the stadium itself, Real Madrid CF would like to state the following in defense of our supporters who were victims of these events.”

“We want to know what were the reasons that motivated that designation of the venue of the final and what criteria were taken into consideration taking into account what happened that day. Likewise, we ask for answers and explanations that determine who was responsible for leaving the fans helpless and defenseless. Some followers whose general behaviour was at all times exemplary,” Real Madrid said in a statement on Friday.

UEFA has commissioned its own independent investigation into the events outside the stadium, which will be led by Portuguese MP Dr. Tiago Brandao Rodrigues.

Earlier, Liverpool asked fans in a statement to share their experiences from the weekend’s mayhem to conduct “a formal and transparent investigation” into what transpired at the game where tear gas and pepper spray were targeted at Liverpool fans, including children.

“Liverpool FC is asking supporters who attended the Champions League final in Paris to complete a feedback form in order to support any investigation into the operational management of the event,” the statement, posted to the team’s website, read.




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