Reassuring to have Prithviraj: ‘Kuruthi’ director Manu Warrier


The director of ‘Kuruthi’, Manu Warrier, is feeling chuffed with the response to the film starring the multi-award-winning Prithviraj Sukumaran.

With the direction also being acclaimed by viewers, Warrier looks relaxed during his conversation on his first foray into Malayalam cinema after working with directors such as Owais Hussain and Anurag Kashyap, and his journey as an independent filmmaker.

“Starting with independent films helps you to be far more resourceful and economical at different levels,” said the writer-director, who has an MBA in Marketing. “I have worked with Anish, the film’s writer, on other concepts, which are also one-location films. We learn from these experiences. What Anish brought to the script was keeping a lot of those earlier challenges in mind. That experience translates into a very different approach when you go into the mainstream zone,” he added.

“When I read the script I was sure it would connect with audience,” Warrier said. “There was no apprehension. I knew if it was made into a film, it would communicate well. It was all the more reassuring when someone of the stature of Prithviraj came on board,” he added.

‘Kuruthi’, which released on Amazon Prime Video, is a thriller with dark undertones.

So, how does it feel now that the release is done and dusted?

“I am thrilled,” he exclaimed. “I am in another world altogether. Before the release, it was different, but now I am constantly getting positive messages from everyone. It feels great.”