Rebel Wilson shuts down claims that she shed 77 pounds with Mayr Method diet

Comedienne and actress Rebel Wilson stunned the world with her weight loss and physical transformation. Her journey started way back in 2020 and she shed most of her weight by 2021. Even though her pictures were proof about her stunning change, it took the BAFTA awards for the world at large to sit up and take note of just how big the change has been.

Rebel embarked on her “year of health” in 2020 and through her journey towards fitness, the ‘Pitch Perfect’ star lost nearly 77 pounds (34.9 kgs), and the more remarkable part of it is that she has managed to maintain it as well.

The actress shared that while her exercise regimen was pretty gruelling her new fitter look is also attributed to her stay in a wellness centre in Austria. There were numerous claims on several websites that said that Rebel Wilson lost weight using the Mayr Method diet. After a couple of days of repetitive claims on various websites claiming that Rebel Wilson lost all her weight due to the Mayr Method Diet plan, the actress has come forth and cleared the confusion.

She refuted all claims that she used that particular diet method and insisted that Mayr Method was not part of her diet plan during her weight loss journey.

The reason the confusion likely arose is that the wellness centre she stayed in does use the Mayr technique so it was assumed that Rebel too lost weight with the same method.

The Wellness Center that Rebel had checked herself into was called VivaMayr Altaussee and it typically costs around $5,097 for a week’s program and a two-week program at the centre costs approximately $9,500.

Rebel though had revealed that along with working out what really helped her was walking. In fact, she shared that more than high intensity work outs, walking everyday could be called her secret weapon for weight loss.

She added that a doctor in the health retreat told her that she should take up light exercise and recommended that she start walking as it was the best way for her shed her weight.

She said the doctor insisted that it just has to be moderate walking, not uphill or fast, just one hour a day walking at a regular pace and that for her body type, that alone will show significant results.

Rebel said she was diligent with her walks and would often listen to podcasts to keep her walks interesting.



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