Reboot Art Scene: Jehangir Art Gallery to reopen with celebrated artist Bibhuti Adhikary’s show

New Delhi, Feb 10 (IANSlife) ‘Positive for nature, mankind or for my country’, is what Artist Bibhuti Adhikary believes in. And with keeping the same in observance, Artist Bibhuti is all set to showcase his award- winning installation ‘The Rolling Painting’ which is one of its kind artwork in the world at the very first show after pandemic at Jehangir Art Gallery from 16th February to 22nd February 2021 along with 35 paintings which have been created using different art mediums.

The distinct 5ft x 4ft art Installation is made using 594 PVC pipes which shows different compositions on wild life conservation while rolling the pipes making the highlight of the show. Artist Bibhuti is honorary doctorate from World Records University and a Gold medalist from India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records for this one of its kind artwork.

Titled ‘FAITH & FURY – Unveiling the Eccentric’, this exhibition will bring to the art lovers for the first time ever, Bibhuti Adhikary’s most famous installation ‘The Rolling Painting’, painting made from PVC pipes. It’s the World’s First Innovative Painting, where PVC pipes are used as the rolling tool.

“The painting is 5ft x 4ft with the canvas rolled on PVC pipes and colour applied to each pipe. Here, I used 594 pieces of ‘rollers’. These rollers when rolled manually formed 12 different compositions and I brought all of these together under one theme ‘NATURE’ by putting them in one frame”, shares Artist Bibhuti Adhikary. The beauty of this painting lies in its serene wildlife wherein if one creature appears the other disappears. It has been painted very carefully so as not to disturb the other compositions.

He further adds, I try to impart a message through my paintings which has to be positive. Positive for nature, mankind or for my country. I always think of doing what nobody has done before. I moved a step further and achieved it.”

Some of the other prominent works on display are, ‘Wild Fire’, this abstract painting is created without the use of any brushes, depicts the combination of reality and imagery in art. ‘Winning Horse’ a painting which depicts beauty, strength and grace. ‘The Performer’, is a painting of a clown performing irrespective of what he feels deep inside his heart.

‘Cheerharan- Kal bhi Aaj Bhi’, this painting is a symbolic depiction of women exploitation in the past which is prevalent today as well and is growing in the present. ‘Act of Kindness’, this painting showcases a blind hindu priest helping an old Muslim man who is handicapped. ‘Motherhood’, this painting is a tribute to all the mothers. ‘Love Beyond Language’, the painting depicting a conversation between a bird and a Lady.

In each work where he uses different methods and medium to create the forms, Artist Bibhuti Adhikary takes particular care to create a meaning rather than just deriving pleasure in using certain material for the sake of using it and making an art piece with some ‘difference’.

A proficient artist, cartoonist, caricaturist, muralist and sculptor, from paintings to sculptures, from installations to innovations, Artist Bibhuti has excelled in all arenas. His painting styles range in versatility, from digital to strokes, from spatula to fingers. An exorbitant range of digital, contemporary, abstract, realistic, surrealistic, with ropes and pipes, anything that pleases your eyes and settles on your eyelids. Artist Bibhuti tries it on all forms to make an art piece.

What: ‘FAITH & FURY – Unveiling the Eccentric’ Art show by Artist Bibhuti Adhikary

When: From 16th to 22nd Feb 2021 at 11am to 7pm.

Where: Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai

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