New Delhi, Feb 3 (IANS) ‘Red Bull Can You Make It’, a one-of-its-kind race around Europe, will return for another edition in 2020, and students have been invited to apply for a chance to participate in it.

Selected teams, comprising three students each, will begin their journey through Europe from a designated starting point, from where they will be tasked with making it to Berlin, the finishing line, using nothing but cans of Red Bull as currency along the way, a statement said.

The boldest applicants from around the world will be chosen by a panel of judges and announced on March 9. On April 21, the 200 selected teams, chosen from almost 60 countries around the world, will start their journey at one of the five starting points in Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Copenhagen and Milan.

Each team will hand over their cash, credit cards and personal phones and have one week to make it to this year’s final destination, Berlin. Students will be tasked with exchanging cans of Red Bull for everything they need along their journey — from food and a place to sleep to transportation to the next location and other adventures.

Selected teams will have to create their own path by visiting checkpoints in various European cities (where they will be tasked with body and mind challenges), completing as many tasks on an adventure list as they can, and posting photos and videos that will build support among their social media followers.

During their week-long journey, teams must stop at a minimum of six checkpoints before reaching the finishing line in Berlin.




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