Rediscover Goa- beyond sun, sea and sand

New Delhi, Dec 18 (IANSlife) In order to collaboratively promote Goa as one of the most sought-after, high potential tourist destinations in India and around the world, Airbnb and the Department of Tourism, Government of Goa, inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This cooperation aims to support community-led, economically regenerative tourism in the state and promote travel to lesser-known but distinctive areas.

Alongside the official start of “Rediscover Goa,” a week-long celebration of Goa’s rich cultural diversity outside of its beaches and vibrant nightlife, Airbnb and the Goa Tourism Department partnered to expand the state’s homestay capacity and aid Goan homestay hosts in providing high-quality travel experiences to both domestic and foreign visitors.

The announcement highlights existing and forthcoming travel attractions in Goa while demonstrating the shared commitment to fostering the growth of a sustainable tourism ecosystem in the region. The cooperation will also increase the potential for tourism to provide jobs and sustainable living possibilities for the local community by organising knowledge-sharing and training workshops for homestay Hosts.

There will be a focus on distinctive accommodations that allow more domestic and foreign visitors to experience Goa like never before and find some undiscovered jewels. Here are few of the things that should be on the list of Rediscover Goa:

Savour the true tastes of Goa with Edible Archives

The start of an incredible food and cultural journey begins here. Experience the true tastes of Goa through a five-course meal that will introduce you to ingredients beloved by locals but almost unknown outside the state. You will get to sample the best of seasonal Goan produce, hand-picked, and transformed by the culinary expertise of Chef Anumitra. Prepare for an enthralling experience, as she narrates the story of each ingredient and its journey to your plate, bringing Goa’s verdant jungles, gorgeous, lush mangroves, abundant oceans, and bountiful farmland to life as never before.

The goat cheese and indigeneous root vegetable platter with sweet potatoes, kantkunke, madi and suran is must try meal of the course.

Goa Clay Trail and Pottery Workshop Experience

Created by Host Nimmy, the experience will have you visiting a local traditional potter for an engaging understanding of how they work with clay through handheld techniques, and a walk in the neighbourhoods of Socorro or Bicholim village.

Chef Avinash Martin’s artisanal farm-to-table experience

Made of locally sourced produce this 7-course meal is a selection of dishes that are rooted in heritage Goan recipes. As a farm to table experience, the ingredients cooked are sourced in the morning of the same day. The experience is reflective of Chef Avinash’s culinary focus comprising the best of Goan cuisine created with an experimental global palette that he imbibed training under Michelin starred chefs in France and the Napa Valley. Prepare for a once in lifetime meal with Martin’s artisanal experience as no two meals are curated in the same way.

Fado & Mando with Fadista Sonia Shirsat at Madragoa

Part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists, the Fado & Mando experience will showcase the best of Indo-Portuguese Culture. Fado is the iconic music genre of Portugal sung in Portuguese and comprises one vocalist accompanied by the guitarra portuguesa (Portuguese guitar) and the viola do Fado (Fado guitar). The Mando is, similarly, the iconic musical genre of Goa, sung in Konkani whose soulful tunes are sure to energize you after a long day.

The Fisherman’s Wharf for Goan delicacies

Enjoy a slice of Goa at The Fisherman’s Wharf, known to be the ultimate culinary destination and not just a restaurant! We end our stay in Goa by feasting on some traditional Goan delicacies and a bit of everything your palate desires.

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