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Reduce your children’s screen time with these audiobooks

New Delhi, July 7 (IANSlife) The development of technology and the unpredictability of Covid-19 requirements have had a significant negative influence on many young lives. In a 2022 study, 57 per cent of kids said they preferred watching TV.  Due to the increased availability of kid-friendly, interesting material on OTT and TV, kids now spend a lot of their spare time riveted to digital displays. However, too much screen time is bad for their eyes and general growth. Motivate your children to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and audio series. Here is a collection of captivating tales available only on Audible, including literary classics, folktales, fairy tales, and fables spoken by famous people.

Little Baby Bum: Time To Dream (Series 1)

Written by: Angela Salt and Narrated by: Sian Brooke, and Scott Reid

Gently drift off your young ones to sleep with Audible’s Little Baby Bum: Time To Dream, with soothing nursery rhymes welcoming little ones into a peaceful night’s sleep. These quintessential nursery rhymes on Audible are perfect for parents who can’t always make time for a bedtime storytelling session for their kids. Curated for children aged 1-2, these narrations transport listeners into a magical world of tranquil soundscapes with calming scores and lulling ambient sounds.

Lellobee City Farm: Grandma Mei’s Fantastic Folktales (Series 1)

Written by: Allan Plenderleith and Narrated by: Louise Mei Newberry

Kids love tales passionately and this Audible podcast is an adventurous treat for your children. In Lellobee City, best friends Ella and Rishi play together on Lellobee City Farm and enjoy the company of their wonderful Grandma Mei who narrates to them fantastic folktales collected from her travels around the world! Transport your children into the alluring and picturesque stories set in a Brazilian rainforest narrated by Grandma Mei complemented with realistic atmospheric background scores used in this podcast.

Dolly Parton’s Billy the Kid Makes It Big

Written and Narrated By: Dolly Parton

The exemplary music singer Dolly Parton accounts a story about her god-dog, a French bulldog ‘Billy the Kid’ who is trying to make it big as a country music star in Nashville, Tennessee. This audiobook is a delightful interpretation of standing up to people who put you down and finding the drive to achieve your dreams. Billy has a scuffle with his fellow barking friends and is dismayed due to his melancholic condition. This led him to rely on his favourite country music and the singer Dolly Parton to regain his self-confidence. This motivational tale with a pet protagonist will inspire your young ones to face their challenges head-on as they embark on their journey to achieve their dreams.

The Islands of Elsewhere

Written by: Heather Fawcett and Narrated by: Mia Hutchinson-Shaw

Mixed with magic and plenty of adventure, this seaside story of siblings on a treasure hunt is perfect for fantasy fans. The Snolly sisters discover three islands in their backyard while vacationing in their grandfather’s seaside property, The Misty Coven for the summer. Bee Snolly and her sister begin to believe in magic as these mysterious islands withhold a secret that helps the siblings assist their ailing grandfather on the path of recovery. This is a wonderful allegory to teach your children the values of faith, gratitude, and responsibility, so make sure to tune into The Islands of Elsewhere on Audible.

10 Most Inspiring Stories for Kids

Written by: Hans Christian Andersen and others Narrated by: Katie Haigh

Classic tales and stories are fundamental to children’s cognitive and creative development, as they awaken the imagination and bring essential teachings. These stories inspire children through important archetypes and symbolic imagery; they help children envisage fantastic worlds, full of possibilities and wonders. This specially designed compilation includes classic folk tales, and famous stories by Hans Christian Andersen and provides children with a formative overview of the best of children’s classics. The audiobook is an impeccable compilation of classic literature you must indulge your kids in.

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