Reel Deal: Here’s a director who has a whopping 1,414 movie scripts ready


Tamil director and script writer R.K. Vidhyaadharan, better known as RKV, whose film ‘Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai’ is ready for release, has disclosed that he has a whopping 1,414 scripts ready to be made into films.

Vidhyaadharan has been penning scripts and dialogues for films for over 20 years.

Says Vidhyaadharan, who is also a qualified veterinary doctor, “I have directed six films so far including the Sarathkumar-starrer ‘Vaitheeswaran’ in Tamil. But I have always been writing scripts and dialogues.”

The scriptwriter and director says that writing a script has become a daily habit now.

“These 1,414 stories have been written in the last 10 years,” says the director who discloses that he was inspired by writer Rajesh Kumar’s achievements.

“I happened to meet writer Rajesh Kumar, who has written over 1,500 novels. I was inspired by his accomplishments and realised I too had the skill. So, I decided to record all the stories I could think of,” he says.

With over 1,414 scripts to choose from, RKV says he has a one-liner of each story in one book as ready reference.

“I have categorised all the scripts on the basis of their plots. For instance, I have a section on protection, on searching, on rebirth, on politics and so on. If a director comes to me asking for a script on rebirth, I visit that particular section and look into how many scripts are there under it. Each script has a number. If a director, after looking at the one-liners, gives me the number of the script he likes, I will narrate the whole plot to him and also give him its bound script,” he explains.

Interestingly, the script writer says that there are directors who come to him asking for plots that are different from these 1,414 scripts.

“It was when such things happened that I realised that scripts are like an ocean,” says the scriptwriter.

Finally, ask him what was the number of the script of ‘Kadaisi Kadhal Kadhai’ in the list of scripts that he has and he says, without batting an eyelid, “It is the 531st script in the list of scripts that I have.”



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