Reena Kapoor: My dream role would be like Sivagami from ‘Bahubali’

Reena Kapoor is currently seen playing the role of a widow, Bhavna in the show ‘Aashao Ka Savera…Dheere Dheere Se’. She opened up about the kind of role she is willing to play in the future and how through her character in the show she wants to send out a strong message to women in society.

She said: “My dream role would be like Sivagami from ‘Bahubali’ because she possesses the characteristics of a powerful, honourable, and intelligent lady who is strong and stands up for her beliefs. She has unparalleled, overpowering strength that epitomises woman power. In contrast to Bhavna, the character I portray in ‘Aashao Ka Savera… Dheere Dheere Se’, experiences problems after losing her husband since she also loses her identity and how society perceives women like her.”

The actress has been part of the TV shows such as ‘Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’, ‘Vishnu Puran’, ‘Jai Ganga Maiya’, and many more.

She added how Bhavna in the show is different from Bahubali’s Sivagami: “As a result, both genres place an equal emphasis on women, but Sivagami’s role empowers women, setting a standard for audiences. Well, I surely hope that I can convey the message to the audience through my role. Since the serial’s concept relates to many women in our society, I hope the audience loves the show and relates with my character.”

‘Aashao Ka Savera… Dheere Dheere se’ airs on Star Bharat.




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