Regional Equestrian League: Inaara Luthria, Sophia Andhyarujina secure top positions

Inaara Luthria and Sophia Andhyarujina secured top positions in their respective competitions in the Children II Dressage event of Regional Equestrian League at the Mahalaxmi Race Course here on Tuesday.

Inaara performed on two horses Nashy and Equinox in turns securing 64.84 per cent and 61.25 per cent by winning first and second place. In the same event Shaira Khanna and Hayden Hussain positioned third and fourth place as they able to secure 60 per cent and 57.96 cent respectively. Shaira rode on Roxy and Hayden on Rachel in the competition.

In the Children I Dressage Sophie Andhyarujina wins number one and two positions while performing on her two horses Velocity and Lioness in turns. Sophie secured 62.97 per cent with Lioness and 61.39 per cent while riding on Velocity. Annika Kjeldsen positioned third place while riding on Roxy and secured 58.45 per cent.

After securing top position, Inaara Luthria said, “I couldn’t believe the result when I heard it. I had worked really hard with my coach for this event and was very nervous in the days leading up to it. Both the horses I rode, Nashy and Equinox went really well, but I was not expecting to come first as well as second. I am delighted and a big thank you to the organisers and the judges.”


Category – Children I

1. Sophia Andhyarujina (Lioness / 62.97 per cent )

2. Sophia Andhyarujina (Velocity / per cent )

3. Annika Kjeldsen (Roxy / per cent )

Category – Children II

1. Inaara Luthria (Nashy / 64.84 per cent )

2. Inaara Luthria (Equinox / 61.25 per cent )

3. Shaira Khanna (Roxy / 60 per cent )

4. Hayden Hussain (Rachel / 57.96 per cent )




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