Regional Equestrian League: Pratham, Sidhak, Aadya, Zrey emerge top performers

On the second day of the Regional Equestrian League at Amateur Riders’ Club, Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai under the aegis of EFI (Equestrian Federation of India) talented equestrian athletes representing Young Rider and Junior categories in the competition displayed their high end skills and showcased superb performances.

In the Young Rider category of show jumping competition Cdt. Pratham Singh secured top position while astride Abacus. Cdt. Pratham Singh finished his jumping rounds in 56.68 seconds with 8 penalties. Cdt. R Naithani claimed the following position as he completed his rounds in 58.60 seconds as he rode on the horse Pride with 8 penalty points under his belt.

On the same day show jumping competition of Regional Equestrian League in Junior’s category were organised at the same venue. In which Sidhak Singh Agarwal secured top spot by finishing his rounds in 56.24 seconds while riding on Toma Hawk with no penalties. Sidhak continued to perform well to claim the following position by finishing rounds in 56.81 seconds.

In his second stint Sidhak rode his horse Wrestler. Rayan Kukreja claimed the spotlight of the viewers with his phenomenal performance by finishing rounds in 58.81 seconds while riding on his horse Big Red.

In the dressage competition Aadya Rao secured top position in Young Rider category. Aadya Rao secured 62.39% while riding on the horse Belle Z followed by Sgt. Afride Afroz and Cdt. Pratham Singh who rode on their respective horses Vajra and Arzoo by securing 61.00 per cent and 60.68 per cent.




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