Regional Equestrian League: Rayan Kukreja secures top position


Rayan Kukreja secured top position in the Junior category of show jumping in 57.1 seconds with four penalties while Zrey Dodhy secured second and third places while riding on two different horses and finished his jumps in 60.32 and 62.72 seconds respectively in the Regional Equestrian League at the Amateur Riders’ Club at Mahalaxmi Race Course, here on Monday.

Zrey rode with Winston in the first round and with Visionist in the second.

In the Young Rider category of show jumping, Arjun Kanoi secured both first and second places while riding on two occasions with his horses, Divinity and Quinity. Arjun finished his jumping rounds in 57.53 and 63.86 seconds without any penalties.

Freya Deshmane secured third place while riding her horse Conquest and finished her rounds in 56.03 seconds with sixteen penalties.

After securing the top position, Kanoi said, “Winning the I’m super thrilled to have 2 clear rounds and to qualify for the JNEC 2022 showjumping. I truly believe in practicing as I’ve never won, and performing like I’ve never lost. So glad that all my practice has paid off. I got a chance to ride Quintus in this REL and also my trusted horse Divinity.”



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