Religious places to open during weekend lockdown in UP

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to allow places of worship to remain open even during the weekend curfew.

However, not more than five devotees can be present inside the religious places, at any given time.

Earlier, the government had permitted religious places to function only from Monday to Friday.

According to a government spokesperson, depending on the area of the premises of such places, a maximum of 50 persons were allowed inside.

A government spokesperson said that industrial units would also be allowed to function over the weekend.

“While the government has opened up most places from Monday, curfew will be imposed on weekends to ensure that the rate of Covid infection remains low. However, religious places and industrial units will be permitted to open during these two days. The police have to be polite and sympathetic. It will also ensure that there is no unnecessary crowding at any place,” he said.