Remains of another Korean War soldier identified


The remains of a soldier killed in the 1950-53 Korean War have been identified through DNA analysis more than a decade after they were recovered from a former battle site, the Defence Ministry said on Friday.

The identification of the remains of Pfc. Lim Ho-dae came as his daughter registered her DNA sample with the government. She was less than a month old when her father joined the war, reports Yonhap News Agency.

Lim’s remains were excavated from Hwacheon, 118 km east of Seoul, in 2010.

He was found along with other remains, including those of Pfc. Jung Chang-soo, whose identity was verified in September.

Lim died during a battle in October 1950, when South Korean troops fought their way to the north from Nakdong River, which served as the country’s final defence line against invading North Korean forces.

It marks the 180th such identification of troop remains since the country began the excavation project in 2000.

The military identified a record high of 23 fallen troops this year.

Around 140,000 South Korean troops were killed in action, and about 450,000 others were injured during the war.

The number of fallen South Korean troops whose remains have yet to be recovered stands at around 123,000.

The Ministry said it will hold a ceremony to welcome Lim’s return and lay his remains at a national cemetery.


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