Remastered version of ‘Titanic’ to release for Valentine’s Day 2023


2023 will make it twenty-five years since ‘Titanic’ sank into the hearts of audiences. To commemorate it, director James Cameron is planning to launch a remastered version of the movie and release it for Valentine’s Day in 2023.

The evergreen equal parts heart warming and heart wrenching love story of Jack and Rose will be coming to the big screens to melt the heart of audiences.

As per reports, James Cameron will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of ‘Titanic’ by re-releasing the movie once again in theatres. Keeping up with the current trends, Cameron is working on a remastered version that can play in 3D 4DK HDR cinemas and the international theatrical release of the movie will happen on February 10, 2023, just ahead of Valentine’s Day.

‘Titanic’ starred Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet as Jack and Rose and it released more than two decades ago in December 1997. The movie was a heartbreaking tale of two lovers set in the backdrop of the infamous “unsinkable” ship which tragically sank on its maiden voyage from England to America.

The movie was a blockbuster hit both in America and globally and it was also critically acclaimed. It went on to win 11 Academy awards including, Best Picture, Best director, best original song, best editing and more.

In 2012, a 3D version of ‘Titanic’ was released and the movie is third on the list of all time grossers with $2.2 billion. James Cameron’s other magnum opus, ‘Avatar’ ranks at the top of all movies worldwide. Ahead of ‘Titanic’s’ remastered release, James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ will also see a remastered version released theatrically around September 2022, just ahead of the release of Cameron’s most awaited sequel to ‘Avatar’; ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ which releases in cinemas worldwide on December 14, 2022.


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