Remove guard cabins, ramps on footpaths in Vasant Vihar, orders Delhi HC


Coming down heavily on the illegal encroachments of public footpaths in the city, the Delhi High Court has directed the authorities to remove all the concrete ramps and security guard cabins in the Vasant Vihar area.

A bench of Justice Najmi Waziri was dealing with a recent plea filed by petitioner Bhavreen Kandhari, in relation to a different issue of the concretisation of trees in the locality.

However, the court noticed the encroachments on public footpaths in photographs filed and shown to the court and directed the rectification of the illegality.

It asked why the ramps built outside several houses were not in level with the standards of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) and asked the authorities to remove them so that there are no obstructions to persons on wheelchairs or walkers.

“The Corporation had issued about 460 notices to persons who had encroached upon the public path and constructed concrete ramps to their residences. The said construction, in the first place, is illegal; the officer(s) under whose charge the said ramps came about would have to answer,” the order said.

The police and the SDMC did not “use their power” to do away with the encroachments, the court observed.

“Surely, the Delhi Police is expected to exercise its jurisdiction under sections 82 to 86 of the Delhi Police Act, 1978, along with other provisions of law and remove all obstacles from a right of way. The corporation too shall exercise its jurisdiction to ensure that no impediment or structure is kept on the footpaths or on the road, by any person,” it said.



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