Renewed rebel shelling kills 7 in Aleppo

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Damascus, Dec 14 (IANS) At least seven people were killed on Wednesday in renewed mortar attacks by rebels against the northern city of Aleppo following a broken truce, according to state TV.

Six people were killed as mortar shells struck the recently-captured Bustan al-Qaser neighbourhood in eastern Aleppo, said the report, adding that other mortar shells struck the neighbourhoods of Mogambo, Khalidiyeh and Share al-Neil, killing one more person and wounding several others.

This comes as a truce to evacuate rebels from the few remaining rebel-held areas in Aleppo failed on Wednesday, and both warring sides resumed fighting, sources in Aleppo told Xinhua.

Both sides exchanged mortar fire, hours after an anticipated evacuation of rebels from areas they still held in southeastern Aleppo was delayed for unknown reasons, sources said, on condition of anonymity.

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The renewed shelling comes after a quiet night in Aleppo, as a truce went into effect for the evacuation process to take place at dawn on Wednesday.

Sources said government busses were ready to transport the rebels through the Ramouseh road out of Aleppo toward the western countryside of the city.

Local media outlets accused the rebels of breaching the truce, saying they attempted to attack military posts, after which the army responded with firepower, thwarting their attempt.

As for the opposition, activists said Syrian forces were the ones who breached the truce by targeting rebel-held areas with tens of mortar and artillery shells.

The recent developments come after the Syrian army regained control of 99 percent of eastern Aleppo, and renewed its stance that the military campaign in Aleppo will continue until is full liberation.

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