Residents use langur cutouts to keep monkeys at bay

The Gandhi colony in Muzaffarnagar presents an amusing sight as most of the house owners have put up life-size cutouts of langurs.

This has been done to shoo away monkeys whose population seems to have risen alarmingly in the region.

The residents of the colony decided to put up cutouts of langur after an elderly woman died after being chased off a roof by monkeys.

“The cut-outs of langur seem effective as of now. We first placed them in the local park and the monkeys kept away from there. We have put them up in the houses and we hope that it will drive away monkeys,” Rajkumar Tyagi, a local resident.

The residents said that monkeys had become a major nuisance since they come in groups, enter the house, and take away eatables and uproot plants.

City magistrate, Anup Kumar said that he was aware of the menace and would soon take necessary steps in this regard.




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