Result of Bihar bypolls an alarm bell for both RJD, BJP

The results of the Mokama and Gopalganj by-elections have sounded an alarm bell for both the RJD and the BJP in Bihar, showing nothing can be taken for granted as the victory margins reduced in a big way.

However, both the BJP and the RJD are claiming that the margin of defeat in Mokama and Gopalganj, respectively, was smaller compared to the 2020 Assembly elections.

Union Minister Giriraj Singh said: “The victory of (RJD’s) Neelam Singh in Mokama was just over by 16,000 votes against BJP candidate Sonam Devi. In the last Assembly election, Neelam’s husband and ‘Bahubali’ leader Anant Singh won the election with a margin of more than 36,000 votes. It is a clear indication that the BJP has gained political ground in the turf of Mokama. It is a victory for Anant Singh and not RJD.”

On the other hand, deputy Chief Minister and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said: “The margin of defeat in Gopalganj was just 1,794 votes. In the last assembly election, the BJP candidate and late Subhash Singh defeated the RJD candidate by the margin of over 40,000 votes. RJD has emerged in a big way in Gopalganj and if others (AIMIM and Sadhu Yadav) wouldn’t have played the role of ‘vote-cutter’, RJD would have won that seat as well.”

RJD MP Ahmed Asfaq Karim blamed Asaduddin Owaisi-led AIMIM for the defeat in Gopalganj.

“Owaisi came here in Bihar and other states to defeat Mahagathbandhan. His party AIMIM is a national ‘vote-katwa’ (vote-cutter) party in the country. It is a B-team of the BJP to split the votes of minority. It was a job of Owaisi to come to Bihar from Hyderabad and defeat Mahagathbandhan. It is up to minority people to realise this fact and not give votes to parties like AIMIM in Bihar and other states.”

Following the result in Gopalganj, there is a ray of hope for BJP to intrude into the ‘MY’ (Muslim Yadav) equation in 2024 Lok Sabha and 2025 Vidhan Sabha elections.

In Gopalganj, Sadhu Yadav’s wife Indira Yadav contested the election on the ticket of BSP and obtained 8,853 votes while Abdul Salam of AIMIM got 12,212 votes.

The win of BJP is a huge setback for RJD and the grand alliance comprising seven parties in Bihar. Kusum Devi of BJP managed to achieve 70,053 votes, while RJD candidate Mohan Prasad Gupta has achieved 68,259 votes.

The two candidates fought neck to neck till the last round and finally the BJP candidate succeeded in the battle. The role of BSP candidate Indira Yadav who is wife of Sadhu Yadav and AIMIM candidate Abdul Salam cannot be ruled out in the victory of BJP. These two have turned as ‘vote-cutters’ for the RJD candidate in this close contest. RJD has the vote bank of Muslim and Yadav (MY) and these two candidates combined have bagged over 21,000.




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