Retired Armymen support farmers at Ghazipur border

Retired Army personnel came out in full support of the protesting farmers at Ghazipur on the Delhi-UP border on Wednesday.

IANS spoke to Anurag Lathwal, National Secretary, Veterans Association of India, and he said, “All demands of the farmers are genuine. The central government intends to push the agriculture sector into the hands of industrialists in the same manner as it has handed petrol, diesel and airports in the hand of industrialists.”

Jai Prakash Mishra, National President of the Veterans’ Association, said “we had been supporting the farmers from the start and would continue to do so.”

Gurcharan Singh, the District President of Lakhimpur Kheri branch of the Veterans Association, said, “There is a huge difference between what the Modi government says and what it does. Therefore, the Modi government cannot be trusted.”

He said the three “black farm laws” were like a death warrant for the farmers and also said the government should not be allowed to do whatever it wants.

Mani Dev Chaturvedi, National Joint Secretary, Veterans Association of India, said that whichever government went against the wishes of people was always defeated. He said “history is witness to the fact that evil was always defeated as were Ravana, Kansa and Duryodhana.”