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Revolutionising India’s digital landscape, realme democratising 5G with realme C67 5G

5G, being the fifth generation of mobile technology, promises to transform communication and information access through its extensive applications. Its exceptional connection quality, elevated data capacity, and minimal delay contribute to its importance as a groundbreaking innovation for an intelligent, interconnected future.

India is projected to reach 130 million 5G users by the end of the current year, a mere year after the introduction of consumer 5G services in the nation. The number of 5G users in India has experienced a threefold increase compared to last year, with an anticipated growth to 860 million subscribers by 2029.

Smartphone manufacturers are not far behind, as brands like realme consistently introduce 5G enabled phones in the country.

According to realme, 5G’s potential impact is extensive, going beyond consumer applications to drive global changes. Its advancements offer not just speed but also low latency for near-instantaneous data sharing and connectivity.

5G’s benefits go beyond network connectivity, enabling societal-impacting solutions. With smartphones becoming essential and their usage in India projected to rise from 82% in 2023 to 93 per cent by 2029, the impact of 5G will be significant.

“As society increasingly relies on the internet for various aspects such as business, education, entertainment, innovation, and more, smartphones have become indispensable devices for maintaining connectivity. The demand for faster and more reliable connections has never been higher, and 5G is the answer to this need,” said the global smartphone brand.

Recognizing that the younger generation is at the forefront of digital transformation, realme acknowledges the importance of 5G in their lives.

In recent years, realme has emerged as a strong contender in the market, with its dedication to adopting 5G technology in the constantly changing smartphone industry being a significant factor in its success. As a trailblazer in 5G, realme took the lead by introducing the first 5G smartphone in the nation, equipping users to be ready for the future.

realme is committed to playing a significant role in the democratization of 5G technology in India. Understanding the transformative potential of 5G, realme is dedicated to making it accessible to all, thereby contributing to the industry’s growth at a broader level. The brand’s support extends to the development policies and trends that drive 5G advancement, aligning with its mission to facilitate India’s tech progression.

For realme, adopting 5G was more than just a race to be the first; it was about its mission to usher India into a new age of connectivity. Recognizing the crucial role 5G would play in defining the future, realme rapidly transitioned over half of its product range to 5G. By integrating 5G into its product line, realme not only offers cutting-edge technology to its customers but also contributes to the technological empowerment of the nation. Through these efforts, realme aims to ensure that India remains at the forefront of the global digital revolution.

A standout feature of realme’s approach to 5G is its deep understanding of the diverse Indian market. What sets realme apart is its unwavering commitment to democratizing 5G access for everyone, particularly the younger generation who desire advanced technology at a cost-effective price.

realme focuses on enhancing user experiences with features like powerful chipsets, superior cameras, SuperDart charging, and network connectivity. The brand is committed to expanding 5G-enabled smartphones, aiming to provide holistic experiences through 5G products.

While realme already leads the 5G landscape in the Indian smartphone industry, it also aims to make this advanced technology accessible to everyone with its wide range of smartphones including the C-series. The latest addition, realme C67 5G, will be the first 5G phone in the lineup.

“realme’s 5G phone is more than just an upgrade from the 4G version. realme is committed to delivering a comprehensive 5G experience, ensuring no compromises are made in the transition from 4G to 5G,” the company noted.

5G is revolutionizing the way we live, work, and communicate, with a promising future in sight. In an increasingly connected world, realme aims to stay ahead by offering cutting-edge technology at wallet-friendly prices. This steadfast focus on 5G brings numerous benefits to both the brand and its users.

“The urge to make 5G accessible to all fuels the ambition of one game-changing smartphone brand, realme. Committed to bringing advanced technologies within everyone’s reach, realme envisions 5G as a tool for the younger generation – digital natives seeking innovative ways to connect and express themselves beyond the tangible world,” the company emphasized.

As realme broadens its range of products, it underscores its dedication to delivering the best for its customers. The brand’s objective is straightforward: to position itself as the true democratizer of 5G, aiming to increase the accessibility of 5G-enabled smartphones and empower a larger audience with 5G products and all-encompassing experiences.



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