RGV is a magician: ‘D Company’ actor Vikas Rao

Gurugram boy and Model-actor Vikas Rao, who features in Ram Gopal Varma’s latest, digitally-released film “D Company”, says he has learnt a lot from the filmmaker while working with him.

“RGV is a magician in his craft, so I learned a lot while shooting. When he is on sets, one will find him extremely professional but when you meet him after shooting, you will find him funny and jolly,” Vikas tells IANS.

“D Company” is based on the life of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. In the film, Vikas plays a gangster who kills the don’s brother.

Quizzed how he got selected for the role, he replied: “I went through different rounds of audition and look tests. I was really excited when I got this project, as I have been seeing Ram Gopal Varma sir’s movies since school days. It’s a dream for every aspiring actor to work with such a great personality.”

How was the experience of shooting amid pandemic?

“It was a new experience shooting in pandemic — very less people on the set and mask on all the time. We used to remove our masks only while shooting our scenes. All necessary precautions were taken on set,” he informed.

Any piece of advice from RGV?

“Yes, he gave me the advice that you have no control over the finished product, what people will think of it. So, all you have is the experience of making it, and you have to stay focused on that. I just keep this thought in mind and do my job,” revealed the actor.