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Rideshare companies can operate legally in Brampton

Brampton is probably ground zero when it comes to urban sprawl. Despite good transit residents who don’t have a car rely a lot on rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft and have been having a rough time since the services were suspended by the city for more than two years.

In a council meeting on June 27, the Mobile Licensing Bylaw was amended to include a new personal transportation company (PTC) vehicle license category that will allow rideshare companies to continue operations in the city.

The new bylaw requires PTCs to pay an annual $20,000 licensing fee and 30 cents for every ride to the city.

These companies will also have to ensure all vehicles meet the bylaw requirements, collect driver and vehicle information, record check and criminal record check of all drivers.

The licensing of rideshare companies will help meet the growing needs of city’s residents, while also allowing for increased competition and innovation in the industry.

Chair of taxi advisory committee Gurpreet Dhillon, however, voted against the PTC bylaw, tabling amendments that included the city giving PTC drivers electronic license numbers to track pickup of customers by drivers and ensuring the PTC receive authorization from the driver’s personal insurance permitting using insurance for commercial purposes.

Ultimately, Dhillon’s amendments — supported by Councillor Pat Fortini and Councillor Martin Medeiros — were rejected at the council meeting and the bylaw was passed.

With auto insurance rates sky high in Brampton, many students and new immigrants who may need to get to job interviews in a hurry and those who simply need a ride to the nearest Go Station or to work for whatever reason can now simply opt to call one of the rideshare companies.

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