Ridhi Mehra: “I’d want to see a mass inclination towards slow fashion”


New Delhi, Dec 29 (IANSlife) A name synonymous with luxurious designs and innovative silhouettes, brand Ridhi Mehra has found a comfortable space in the fashion sphere. From opulent Indian wear to striking jumpsuits and chic separates, there is something for everyone.

In an industry where newcomers struggle to shine and sustain, Mehra has hit the right notes with her exquisite ensembles, hard work and impressive marketing. We got to speak to the design genius on her Winter/Festive collection ‘Raeza’ and all things relevant.

What’s the idea behind this collection?

Mehra: This collection is majorly a power play of placement embroideries. We’ve taken inspiration from florals and have played around with size and colours. The idea was to explore different motifs and use them with traditional embroideries.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Mehra: Everything inspires me – people, places, nature and emotions. It’s about striking the right chord at the right time.

How is this collection different from the previous ones?

Mehra: We have used different types of antique materials combined with multi-coloured resham hand-embroidery. There are big florals in pure organza appliqué work and each outfit stands out for its delicate detailing and bohemian charm. The dark colour palette acts as the perfect base and backdrop for the vibrant embroidery that we’ve used.

What’s your take on sustainable fashion? As a brand, how are you keeping up with it?

Mehra: It’s high time that the dialogue be changed from fashion vs earth to fashion and earth. Fashion may not always come to mind when one thinks of curbing climate change but this dynamic industry has a lot to do with it. As a brand, we associate with manufacturers and fabric producers who prioritise decarbonising and minimising waste from production. We use high-quality, durable fabrics that last. Also, we’ve gone completely paperless and all our operations are digital.

Three best-dressed celebrities?

Mehra: Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

What do you love most about your work?

Mehra: The fact that every day I get to engage directly with my creativity and take on different challenges. The process of innovating, progressing and crafting is beautiful.

How has work changed post-pandemic?

Mehra: We’ve observed a slight shift in trends. When it comes to occasion wear, people are opting for really light outfits or the complete opposite – there’s no in between as such. The wedding scenario has undergone a big transformation where celebrations might have become intimate but the demand for statement pieces hasn’t changed. Due to this, there’s been a rearrangement in the supply and demand chain. However, I’m positive about these changes and believe them to be progressive.

What’s the one thing you’d like to change in the current fashion scene?

Mehra: I’d want to see a mass inclination towards slow fashion. Fast fashion, as we know, is appealing with appalling consequences. I’d like that to change. I believe in the potential of slow fashion and that something new every season doesn’t have to come at the cost of exploiting nature.

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