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Rinku Ghosh credits father, husband for support in her successful career

Actress Rinku Ghosh has opened up on the significance of the International Men’s Day, sharing that behind her success a big shout out goes to her father and her husband, adding that how she is confident about the two men in her life having her back.

International Men’s Day, observed annually on November 19, provides a unique opportunity to shed light on the experiences, challenges, and positive contributions of men worldwide. This day is not only a celebration of masculinity but also an occasion to advocate for men’s health, promote gender equality, and challenge societal stereotypes that often confine and limit individuals based on gender.

Talking about the same, Rinku said: “Men’s contributions are highly underrated. A man works really hard to keep his family happy and protected. They usually don’t share the hardships they go through, as at times they are poor in showing emotions.”

The actress said: “I feel that men have two faces, one for the world which is tough and strict, and the other for their loved ones which is sensitive and baby-like. Men do cry but only in front of very selective people, it’s not for the world to see.”

The ‘Durgesh Nandini’ fame actress said: “I firmly believe that behind my success a big shout out goes to my father and also my husband. If they would not have encouraged me in my field I would not have been where I am today. I can confidently go out and face the world as I know the two men in my life have my back.”

She further said: “It’s time we celebrate men’s day with much fervour. Though I don’t believe in any days as such. But yes, it’s a day where we can express our gratitude towards them and thank them for playing such a crucial role in our lives.”

“I honestly feel that the world should be more accepting towards men. Men need to be valued and should receive the respect that they deserve,” she added.



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