Rise of counter-narrative favouring Imran Khan in media


While the political situation in Pakistan continues to remain grim in the run-up to the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan, pockets of media in Pakistan and abroad (particularly the US) are of the opinion that there is a strong conspiracy against the civilian government by the military establishment.

Observers and analysts of Pakistan have been warning that loyal followers of Imran Khan are capable of removing the top brass of the military establishment from power. This is evident from Imran Khan’s repeated defiance in accepting advice from all fronts of leadership and remaining stubborn on publicly lashing out against the army along with other opposition frontrunners.

Social media has been backing Imran Khan very steadily. The hashtag “I Stand With Imran Khan” along with other similar sentiments like ‘PM Imran till 2033’ are going strong on Twitter. Pertinently, it is not just PTI supporters pledging their loyalty, leaders too are expressing their confidence.

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri tweeted an image of a cornered lion surrounded by hyenas to say he believed Khan would survive. In private gatherings and on social media, prominent MNAs are criticizing the army for harassing and meddling with civilian governance.

Senator Shahzad Waseem shared a picture of himself with the prime minister to express his support for Imran Khan. Minister Zartaj Gul Wazir also tweeted her support saying ‘he will weather the storm, like he always does’. A few days ago, Shozab Kanwal’s video clip became viral where she accused ‘army officers of plundering money and sucking blood of the nation through straw’.

She also added that Imran Khan is being targeted for neither taking bribes nor allowing others to do so. Meanwhile, Pak intellectuals complain that Imran Khan and his team members consider themselves the chosen ones through elections and believe they have the ‘right to humiliate anyone and not tow their line’.



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