Ritwik Bhoumik’s ‘The Whistleblower’ character poles apart from ‘Bandish Bandits’


Actor Ritwik Bhoumik has appeared in a completely different avatar in his latest project ‘The Whistleblower’ following the success of his web show ‘Bandish Bandits’.

Gaining visibility with ‘Bandish Bandits’, Ritwik gained popularity for playing an adorable character of a classical singer. The actor says playing such poles-apart roles in the very beginning of the career gives him a chance to show his versatility to the fullest.

Ritwik told IANS: “I think playing a character like Dr Sanket Bhadoria, who is so different as a personality from who I am in real life itself was challenging for me. But then I was not a professional classical singer when I played Radhe Rathod in my previous show ‘Bandish Bandits’. So I had to learn a lot of nuanced body language as part of the preparation for that role.

“Here, what was challenging and exciting for me as an actor was this character is not someone you fall in love with, Dr Sanket is not an adorable guy like Radhe was. He was a singer, and that was a happy, emotional, musical show where you had a lot of happy vibes too.

“Here, the world of ‘The Whistleblower’ is set in reality, gripping and dark. I had to talk to my mind before performing as Dr Sanket that why he is the way he is. So I think playing such poles-apart character at the beginning of my career is challenging and exciting at the same time.”

The story of the show revolves around a scam of pre-medical test exams and how a whole system works behind proxy and exam paper leaks that put the future of many students in the dark. As the story is based on the real-life PMT scam of 2013 and poses questions on the future of the youth of our country, Ritwik believes the show will create an impact in the minds of the youngsters.

“I think after watching the show if the youth of the nation stand up for their own rights and question the system, we as the team of ‘The Whistleblower’ would feel happy, our job is done then. It is important to create awareness about everything among the youth because at the end of the day, we, and I also am a youngster, are the future of the nation,” shared Ritwik.

The show also features veteran actors like Ravi Kishan, Sachin Khedekar, Sonali Kulkarni, among others.

According to Ritwik, each show is like an acting class and he is learning some of the life lessons and how.

In his earlier show also he acted alongside veterans like Naseeruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni, Rajesh Tailang, among others.

“I think just by working with these experienced actors I am learning so much. You know it made me wonder and fascinating at the same time that how, even after so many years of working, every time these actors approach characters like newcomers! Like how? They are successful and that surely gives a sense of validation and confidence to every artiste.

“But then how do they still keep their enthusiasm intact every day? I think that is the biggest lesson I am learning from these veterans because the day I wake up and go on a film set without that enthusiasm, I think I should stop acting, and no, it will never happen…because I am a greedy actor!” Ritwik signed off.

‘The Whistleblower’ is streaming on SonyLIV.



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