RJ Anmol opens up on game show ‘Kya Bolti Public?’

‘Yeh public hai, yeh sab jaanti hai, public hai’. This popular 1974 song couldn’t have said it better, for it is public opinion, especially in the social media-driven world, that determines what is in vogue and what is not.

It is this view of the world that drives RJ Anmol’s poll-based game show, ‘Kya Bolti Public?’, on Flipkart Video. RJ Anmol will inject his brand of humour into the show and giving him company will be Annie the Transistor, a fictional special guest in the form of a sassy transistor.

In each episode, RJ Anmol will take viewers through a set of three questions of current interest drawn from different genres. The viewers will then have two options to choose from. What makes this quiz different and exciting is that the questions do not have right or wrong answers, and the results would depend entirely on India’s most popular choice.

To pack an entertaining punch into each episode, RJ Anmol and Annie will be engaged in a quest to outsmart each other in guessing what the reigning public opinion is on the subjects of the day.

Commenting on his association with the show, RJ Anmol said: “It’s a brilliant experience to host an interactive show with such a different format. I generally keep looking for new things to do. Radio has been a major part of my life and I can’t wait to start on a new journey with this show, which marks my digital debut. This show gave me a chance to do something unique while letting me connect with my fans in my natural elements.”

‘Kya Bolti Public?’ is streaming on Flipkart Video