New Delhi, Aug 13 (IANS) The Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA), a statutory body under the Ministry of Railways, has invited bids to undertake the commercial development of 89,032 square feet of railway land parcel in West Bengal’s Howrah for development of riverfront luxury tourism and water sports hub.

The RLDA officials said that the Salt Golah site consists of some old salt godowns and administrative offices in a highly dilapidated condition, which is located along the Hooghly riverbank and is 1.5 km away from Howrah Station. The site is well connected through road and river transport.

RLDA Vice Chairman Ved Parkash Dudeja said, “The river-front location of Salt Golah, which used to be the offices and residence of the Salt Commissioner during British times, although a wondrous site, is presently full of dilapidated buildings.”

He said, “RLDA plans to create a multitude of possibilities of modern tourism. The 15 meter wide strip can be utilized for developing water sports. Also, the riverfront can be used for commercial ferrying activities.”

Dudeja also said that the development will not only put the land to better use but also boost the tourism, create jobs and enhance prospects of investment in the region.

According to RLDA, the site is in the city of Howrah on the western banks of Hooghly river.

“RLDA has invited online bids for engaging marketing and financial consultants for the commercial development of railway land at Salt Golah,” the RLDA official said.

The official said that the consultant shall be required to carry out valuation for different lease periods ranging from 30-99 years and NPV at different rates of discount to arrive at the optimum valuation.

The consultant will develop a financial model for the project, market the project and assist RLDA in managing the bidding process for the development of the project and the selection of the suitable developer to realize the objective.




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