RLP MP seeks 10-fold increase in MPLADS’ allocation

Rajasthan’s Nagaur MP Hanuman Beniwal’s demand to increase the fund allocation under MPLADS to Rs 50 crore against the present allocation of Rs 5 crore received a thumbing support from all members present in the Parliament, irrespective of their political ideology.

Addressing the Chair on Wednesday, the RLP MP said in Lok Sabha, “I request the government to increase the fund allocation under MPLADS to Rs 50 crores, because the present budget of Rs 5 crores is not sufficient to look after the develoment works in entire Lok Sabha constituency.”

“As we have very little funds in our authority for development, we felt helpless when invited in public functions where people expect us to announce crores of rupees for local development, but tell us how can we do that with just Rs 5 crores. If this continues, people will stop inviting us as everyone would realise that their MP doesn’t have funds to offer,” he added.

“I raised this issue as it was long pending among us. I know that the government bench members do not dare to raise such issue, but it’s the bare truth, harsh ground reality that we all MPs are helpless before the district administration, before the state governments and before our own voters, because we don’t have sufficient funds in our hands to promise for local area development. If some MP doesn’t have a state government of his/ her party, then the situation becomes tougher, like for me in Rajasthan,” Beniwal told IANS after his speech in the Parliament.




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