Road safety expert urges Kerala to implement high-security number plate scheme

National Road Safety Council Member and a road safety expert Kamal Soi on Thursday said Kerala has not implemented the scheme for fixing high security registration plates (HSRP), including the third registration mark HSRP on existing vehicles.

He said despite the guidelines of Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) and notifications issued by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) and various directions issued by the Supreme Court of India from time to time, Kerala has yet to take the steps.

He told the media that the government and people of Kerala should urgently implement it without any further delay as it is imperative for the envisaged road safety in India as per the world standards.

Since being a road safety expert, he said that he is duty-bound to bring this subject to the notice of all stakeholders. He called upon Kerala’s Minister for Transport Antony Raju and senior officials here and prevailed upon them to see HSRP on old vehicles and smartcard-based vehicle registration and driving license in the state is implemented.

Soi said there are many benefiting factors for the implementation of HSRP.

“It will help to maintain the security of the vehicles and to identify the vehicles in case of accidents or damages. The number plates are written in IND with chromium plating, and therefore, it will be easy to track the numbers even during the night.

“In case the vehicle gets burnt in an accident, and it is abandoned, it is easy to get the details of the owner. But in case the high security plate numbers have also burnt in the accident, the registration number can be identified by touching it,” said Soi.